Carol Glynn

Carol Glynn

Carol is a Chartered Accountant, Finance Coach, and the owner of Conscious Finance Coaching. She’d always loved working with numbers and knew from a very young age that she was going to become an accountant. Before setting up her business in 2020, she spent 19 years working in corporate finance in the Big Four accounting firms and other large multinationals where she held various regional head of finance positions and was responsible for country operations across Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia. She is also a fellow of the Irish Institute of Chartered Accountants. She left her corporate career when she felt the calling to pursue her true passion: helping people achieve their personal financial potential. She believes that money is positive energy, and she loves to help people grow and use it to create the life of their dreams. Through her work, she helps her clients gain clarity – removing financial stress and the feeling of lack of control over their lives. She helps her clients put their money behind their values by consciously using their income to live their life aligned with what matters the most to them. Her purpose is to educate, support, empower, and provide accountability to her clients. She offers one-to-one personal and business finance coaching, group, in person, or online workshops, and corporate wellness workshops. Her first step with a client is to calculate their financial net worth, review their monthly income and expenses, calculate their emergency fund needs, and put a plan in place to achieve their financial goals - all underpinned by their personal values. Follow up sessions are then tailored to their needs and common examples include creating and expanding on debt payoff plans based on the client’s motivations and lifestyle, investment planning, and much more. She aims to be an independent and non-judgemental partner whose passion is to help people reach their goals. She promises a safe space to discuss concerns, financial worries, and anything her client’s may feel ashamed about.


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