Alex Thomas

Alex Thomas

Alex Thomas is a tech entrepreneur, business leader, husband, and father, who spent the first forty years of his life focussing on just two things: work and family. Raised in Canada, Alex co-founded Ottawa-based Searidge Technologies, a pioneering solutions provider in the Air Traffic Control industry. As the visionary behind the firm’s award-winning technology, Alex built the company into a global leader, travelling across continents to grow its international footprint. When his marriage began to fall apart, Alex’s life journey changed course, and his search for love and wisdom began. Drawn to the spirituality of the Arab region, Alex moved to Dubai and began chronicling his journey in his debut book, Man in Motion. His writing explores the world of mystics, love, and relationships, fatherhood, community, and nation, through the unique lens of a technology innovator. Alex left Searidge in 2020 and now advises start-ups and investors in innovation and entrepreneurship.


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