November 30, 2022: Business-Boosting Masterclass

AED 250.00


When you walk away from this 3-hour Masterclass, you step out the door knowing exactly how to grow your business, armed with the right tools to find new clients and keep the ones you already have.

In just 3-hours, Lucy Bradley will give you a treasure trove of information including ideas on how to stand out in the market, how to create a dream list and how to target potential clients.

By teaching you the 5 levers, you will truly know how to market and grow your business   from this session by simply implementing them. Sign up today!

In the 3-hours we will cover the following: 

  • Identify and create a dream list of potential clients
  • Know your numbers to grow your numbers  
  • Introduction to 5 levers to grow your business 
  • How to generate leads, convert more leads, get clients coming back
  • Building and maintaining loyal clients 
  • Create a marketing plan 
  • Ideas on how to promote your business 

Lucy Bradley

Brand Commander – Plug

Plug is 15 years old, and Lucy Bradley has been its Brand Commander since Day 1. That’s quite an achievement in Dubai, where businesses come and go.

Working with so many different SME’s over the last 15 years – and across a myriad of different sectors, she’s not only had to think out of the box, she’s had to occasionally re-think the boxes! Her aim has always been to create campaigns that stand well out from the crowd, and she succeeds. 

 Lucy has made it her mission to educate business owners and marketing departments on how to create great marketing plans and retain customers. It’s a philosophy based on the theory that, by helping other businesses rise, we all rise together.