Nick Watkins

Nick Watkins

4 Bikes to Hop on Right Now

Cycling is the perfect exercise slash outdoor activity – deceptively fun and easy, yet challenging if you want it to be. Here are our top easy bikes to saddle up in.

1. VLRA Transformer 20inch folding bike city bicycle cube bike

For practicality this bike is hard to top – it folds down with ease so you can carry it with you anywhere. Leave it under your desk and without worrying about finding somewhere to lock it up.

VLRA Transformer 20inch Folding Bike City Bicycle Cube Bike

aed 428.70 VLRA

2. VLRA Road Racing Bike

For those taking cycling more seriously, or looking to get into racing, this is a good bike to pick up some speed with, especially at the price.

VLRA Road Racing Bike 26Frame 21 Speed 700c Heavy Duty Construction Carbon Steel Frame

aed 538.55 VLRA

3. Muddyfox Mens Recoil 26

Mountain bikes need to be durable to cope with the UAE’s tough terrain and this is a solid choice for those looking for a weekend break in the mountains.

Muddyfox Mens Recoil 26

aed 1199 Muddyfox

4. Reid Gents Roadster

Strong enough for the city and cool enough for the beach, this black retro-shape bike won’t look out of place wherever you find yourself riding it.

Reid Gents Roadster

aed 1410 Reid

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Photo by Mohamed Nohassi on Unsplash