The Easy Guide to Stopping Hair Loss

From the top treatments and product picks to how to eat your way to healthier hair, The Gaggler reveals how you can put a stop to hair loss once and for all.

Dubai’s fast-paced lifestyles, heat, water and weather mean one thing: hair loss. Although it’s arguably the biggest beauty problem in the UAE, there is some good news, as The Gaggler reveals the top tips, treatments and products to help you keep hold of your hair and put a stop to hair-fall for good.

1. Food For Thought

Hair is made up of nearly 95% protein, so a balanced, nutrient- and protein-rich diet is a great way to eat your way to stronger, healthier hair. Load your shopping trolley with protein-rich foods like eggs, organic meats and quinoa, as well as foods that contain essential fatty acids, zinc and iron such as dark, leafy greens, avocado, oily fish, nuts and seeds.

2. Super Supplements

Give hair a boost with a supplement such as KeraHealth. Hair needs a lot of keratin and high levels of collagen, but over time our natural stock depletes. But these super supplements contain 18 essential amino acids that the body needs to produce keratin. It’s proven to reduce hair loss by a whopping 47% in just three months, working from the inside out to give you a healthy head of hair.

KeraHealth Women 1 Month Supply

aed 279 KeraHealth

3. Water Worries

The UAE’s water is full of chemicals that can build up on the scalp, resulting in hair-fall, added dryness and damage. A clarifying shampoo will gently remove chemical and product build-up on the scalp, helping the health of your hair.

Adenogen Hair Energizing Shampoo

aed 224 Shiseido

4. Massage Magic

Massages are magic for promoting hair growth. They distribute natural oils, promote blood circulation, and reduce stress – stopping hair-fall in its tracks. Book in at your local salon or spa, or massage at home with a nourishing hair growth-promoting oil like castor or rosemary oil. Any excuse for a head massage, we say.

5. Top Treatments

This clever kit contains an innovative three-step regime that tackles all your hair-fall fears. There’s a repairing and protecting protein spray, a scalp treatment to promote hair growth and a supplement pack to help feed hair from the inside out.

Trichotherapy Regime

aed 591.35 Philip Kingsley
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