Experience the transformative power of boxing
on your mind, body, soul, and spirit with The Punch Bag

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Together We Can Feel Good

Power Up Your Whole Health

When you box you don’t just get physically fit. Boxing promotes concentration, cognitive thinking, sharper instincts, and emotional balance. With boxing, you explore your full potential. The result is a stronger, empowered and more confident YOU.

In collaboration with Real Boxing Only, we have created
The Punch Bag – a curated, whole-health kit to power up your wellbeing journey with support from Pro Boxing Trainers, Fitness Instructors and Nutrition Experts.

Duration: 30 days 
Price: AED 695

How Boxing Changed My Life: Michelle Kuehn, Founder of Real Boxing Only

What You’ll Get

Getting Started Handbook

Unlimited Membership

● Unlimited boxing & fitness classes
● Unlimited gym access
● Incentive programme
● Member benefits

4 Guided Meditations

Nutrition 101 Plan

● 1 on 1 session with our nutritionist
● Meal plans, Shopping lists & recipes
● 40 mins video on nutrition essentials

Self-Reflection Journal

Plan & Membership Vouchers

● One 50% off voucher on Eat Well’s  5-day Meal Plan. Includes 3 meals/2 snacks per day.
● One 25% off voucher on Real Boxing Only’s 6-mth or 12-mth membership

Instant Digital Download

Gloves, Wraps &  Re-useable Tote 

● 1 set of Adidas gloves & hand wraps
● 1 Re-useable Tote for sustainable living

The Punch Bag

The Punch Bag provides all that you need to power up your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Here’s what you will receive:

30-day Game Changer membership (Worth: AED 525):

  • Unlimited Boxing and fitness classes
  • Unlimited gym access
  • Incentive programme
  • Member benefits

30-day Nutrition 101 Plan (Worth: AED 550):

  • A one-on-one session with a certified nutritionist
  • Meal Plans, shopping list, recipes
  • 40-minute nutrition video module and unlimited digital access
  • Community Support

Bonus (Worth: AED 1,475):

  • 1 set Adidas gloves and hand wraps
  • 1 Eat Well voucher for 50% off a 5-day meal plan
  • 1 Real Boxing Only voucher for 25% off 6 or 12-month membership
  • Re-useable tote for sustainable living

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What’s in The Punch Bag?

Keep scrolling to read our customers’ testimonials and gain more in-depth details on whether boxing is right for you.

What Our Customers Are Saying

It’s been years since I last boxed and I am so glad I bought this package. The boxing classes are awesome but I am also learning so much about my nutrition.


I LOVE boxing! After my class I feel I can conquer the world. I am enjoying the whole package – thank you Gaggler and Real Boxing!


Losing weight has been a constant focus of my life and boxing is helping me reach my goal weight. What I am really loving is how confident I feel when I face the world.


How It Works

Step 1

The process is so super easy. Simply click Buy Now to purchase your very own Punch Bag today.

After checkout, you will receive an order confirmation and receipt in your inbox.

Step 2

With your order confirmation handy, call Real Boxing Only to book your first Boxing class and personal Nutrition 101 session with Adele, our nutritionist, and get started with your Punch Bag experience.

Step 3

On your first visit to Real Boxing Only, you will receive your Punch Bag containing your Adidas boxing gloves, hand wraps, and 25-50% off vouchers for Eat Well’s 5-day meal plan and Real Boxing Only’s 6 or 12-month membership.

Who Should Consider It

Is Boxing Right For You?

  • People who are unwilling to believe in limitations. 
  • People new to boxing who want to get a feel for what it could be like and avoid expensive upfront commitments.
  • People who workout regularly but want to try something different and take their fitness to the next level.
  • People who are feeling increased stress in their personal or professional lives and looking for activities to channel their frustration and anger in a healthy, positive way. 

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Why We’re Offering This Kit

Boxing is a sport that allows for whole health, as it allows you to weave body, mind, soul, and spirit into a single activity. When all four elements work together, you reclaim how powerful you are. We are all born powerful souls, but life, society, family expectations, work, stress can deflate much of our power.

I have tried many types of workouts – circuit training, running, aerobics – you name it, I’ve tried it! These workouts improved my fitness levels. But the internal power I feel after a boxing session – I have not been able to replicate that with any other sporting activity. Boxing isn’t just about training your body; it impacts your mind, body, soul, and spirit. Try it. Something tells me you won’t regret it!

Monica Malhotra

Founder & Editor-in-Chief, The Gaggler

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