Kaya Scott

Kaya Scott

10 Must-Have Organic Pantry Items

Stock up your pantry with organic staples for healthy, delicious meals.

Keen to go organic? Yes, it’s better for the environment and you can rest assured that your food is free from chemicals and nasties but it can all be a little overwhelming (not to mention expensive!). There’s no need to go all-out immediately – you can make the switch gradually with these 10 organic pantry essentials.

1. Tinned Tomatoes

The number-one pantry staple and base for all those delicious pasta sauces, pizza bases, casseroles and more – non-organic tomatoes are one of the worst culprits for storing pesticides so it’s well worth buying organic instead.

Our choice: Organic Larder Chopped Tomatoes

Organic Larder Chopped Tomatoes

aed 6.50 Tinned Tomatoes

2. Eggs

You know what they say – happy hens make delicious, healthy eggs! Not only is an organic, free-range egg so much better in taste but it’s also much better for you AND the animal. It’s a win/win.

Our choice: Greenheart Organic Farms Organic, free range eggs

Eggs Organic And Free Range

aed 19 Greenheart Organic Farms

3. Apple Cider Vinegar

Lauded by health fanatics as the best vinegar to keep in your cupboards because of its healing properties, the organic, unfiltered “mother” version also contains proteins, enzymes and friendly bacteria. It makes your salad dressings taste delicious while also helping to reduce cholesterol and lower blood sugar levels.

Our choice: Eden Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

Eden Organic Apple Cider Vinegar

aed 15.20 Eden Organic

4. Flour

Conventional flour contains high levels of pesticides and weed killers, and often also has bleach, manufactured nutrients and other icky ingredients, too. Rather choose organic – especially if you go for spelt, an ancient grain with a delicious taste and lots of nutritional benefits.

Our choice: Organic Larder Organic Wholegrain Spelt Flour

Organic Larder Organic Wholegrain Spelt Flour

aed 14.45 Organic Larder

5. Sugar

OK, so it’s not sugar as we know it, but sweet alternatives are so much better than the refined varieties. Go for coconut sugar, which is low on the glycemic index and fructose, plus yummy, too.

Our Choice: Ripe Organic Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar Ripe

aed 26.91 Ripe Organic

6. Nut Butter

With everything from crunchy almond butter to a cashew variety, we’ve moved on from only having peanut butter on the shelves. And it’s the organic, all-natural nut butters that are now recognised as being healthier because they contain no added oils or refined/artificial ingredients. Got a peanut butter fan at home? There are healthy organic options of the classic staple too.

Our Choice: Dhatu Organic Sprouted Peanut Butter

Dhatu Organic Sprouted Peanut Butter

aed 20 Dhatu

7. Vegetable Oil

We use all kinds of oils without even thinking about healthier alternatives. And here’s the thing: olive oil isn’t the only option out there. From coconut to sesame, you can choose an alternative with plenty of flavour, nutritional value and versatility. Organic versions may be a little more expensive but they’re delicious and encourage good farming practices with no pesticides or unwanted ingredients.

Our Choice: Tesco Organic Rapeseed Oil

Tesco Organic Rapeseed Oil

aed 36.25 Tesco

8. Milk

We’ve found a milk that’ll not only tick the organic box but also help you reduce your plastic waste – perfect! Koita is a Dubai-based brand committed to sustainable packaging and honest, organic UHT milk made by happy Italian cows who graze in idyllic mountain meadows. With zero stabilizers, nasties, growth hormones, antibiotics, toxic pesticides or artificial preservatives, this organic milk is delicious and an absolute must for the whole family (particularly as it also includes vitamins A and D3, which support growing bones and immune systems).

Our Choice: Koita Organic Whole Fat Milk

Koita Organic Whole Fat Milk (12x1L)

aed 157.50 Koita Milk

9. Potatoes

Did you know that conventional potatoes have more pesticides than almost any other crop? Not good. Make your tatty choices organic and you’ll be eliminating a whole load of nasty chemicals in your diet.

Our Choice: Organic Potatoes from Lebanon

Potatoes Organic Lebanon

aed 11.50 Greenheart Organic Farms

10. Grains

From couscous to quinoa, buckwheat to rice and lots more – the amazing variety of grains makes for plenty of recipes and culinary uses. Given their prevalence in a modern diet, choose organic grains and you’ll be enjoying a much higher nutritional value while supporting the best farming practices too.

Our Choice: Organic Larder White Quinoa

Organic Larder White Quinoa

aed 41.50 Organic Larder

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