Dmitri Ruwan

Dmitri Ruwan

The Complete Guide to a Kick-Ass Gym Kit

Dress like a superstar athlete with our selection of gym-kit essentials

Upgrade your gym kit with our expert edit of the 10 items every guy should have before hitting the treadmill. Get ready to get in shape – in style!

1. Tech-leggings

Crafted to minimize sweat and allowing for unrestricted movement, Adidas’s Focus Pants are perfect for cardio and look just as good when paired with a hoodie for weekend excursions.

Focus Pants

aed 450 Adidas

2. Breathable Shorts

Look to the versatile proportions of modern endurance wear. Nike’s Black Basketball Shorts are gym-friendly, but double as the perfect loungewear as well.

Club Jersey Black Short

aed 136 Nike

3. Moisture-wicking T-shirts

Opt for T-shirts that are breathable enough for a workout but versatile enough to be paired with denim.

Classics T7 Slim Fit Tee

aed 120 Puma

4. Fresh Socks

You simply can’t pair your favourite running shoes with mismatched socks. Keep it classic and efficient with Reebok’s cotton-blended pairs in black.

3 Pack Ankle Socks

aed 35 Reebok

5. The Correct Footwear

Buy a top-notch sneaker and you’ll have made a worthwhile investment. Adidas state of the art technology guarantees optimum style and comfort for your feet.

Alphabounce Beyond Shoes

aed 450 Adidas

6. Shower Sliders

It isn’t recommended to slip back into your sweaty shoes post workout gym shower. Instead, purchase simple slides to naturally air-dry your feet and avoid unnecessary odor.

Nike Benassi Jdi Slides

aed 109 Nike

7. Durable Gym Bag

Having a practical yet not hideous gym bag will make it easier to head to the gym. Whether you opt for a backpack or weekend style, keep it neutral.

Puma Football Pro Training Medium Bag In Black

aed 116 Puma

8. Manly Cologne

A quick blast of cologne as you leave the gym will ensure you smell and feel fresh and ready to tackle the day. Look to Davidoff’s rich blend of citrus and amber for best results.

Silver Shadow

aed 149 Davidoff

9. Facial Moisturizer

Excessive sweat from a heavy workout leaves skin dehydrated. Use a facial moisturizer post-workout to ensure your skin is as healthy as your body.

Mancave Original Moisturiser

aed 46.82 Mancave

10. Essential Underwear

We cannot stress the importance of the right underwear – especially for a workout. Under Armour’s durable and cooling boxers come highly recommended.

The Original Series 6 BoxerJock

aed 157 Under Armour

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