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Kaya Scott

A Guide to Health Grocery Shopping Online

Can’t stomach the thought of pushing a full trolley through a busy month-end grocery store but still need healthy fruit and veg? Shop online at our pick of the freshest websites.

In a city of convenience, where almost anything can be delivered right to your door at any time, it’s no longer necessary to trawl through overcrowded supermarkets, miserable husband and sulky kids in tow. Enter the wonder of the internet. But if you’re worried that you won’t be able to shop for healthy groceries online, don’t be. From organic fruit and veggies to superfoods and supplements, these are some of the best places to get them all at the click of a mouse.

1. Fruitful Day

Getting your five-a-day has never been easier or more delicious. Fruitful Day offers a combination of regional seasonal fruit with additional items from specially sourced farms. When you order a trial box for AED 120, you can expect to receive a mix of 15-20 different varieties prepared for easy eating (we’re talking pre-washed grapes and sliced mango). After your trial, you can subscribe to a box of fruit to be delivered at whatever frequency suits.

2. Greenheart Organic Farms

If you’re after truly sustainable, organic and local produce, then this lovingly tended farm offers organic fruit and vegetables mainly grown from heirloom seeds. Also available are free-range eggs, home-made goat’s cheese, raw honey, organic milk and a selection of meat, larder essentials and bakery items. Order before 12pm and get your delivery the next day.

3. Kibsons

From pantry items to meat, bread, dairy and more – this online grocery store delivers it all at seriously competitive prices (check out its “imperfect” range of fruit and veggies, which might not look beautiful but taste amazing and are really good value too). Delivery can be made on the same day and there are regular offers so keep an eye on the site.

4. Organic Foods & Café

From fresh to frozen, seafood to meat plus everything in between, this much-loved organic supermarket is also available online and will deliver for free on orders above AED 250.

5. Ripe

With gluten-free and dairy-free options, superfoods and organic fruit and vegetables, Ripe has become one of Dubai’s best known go-tos for all things healthy. And while a visit to its market may not always be possible, shopping online is easy with next-day delivery guaranteed.

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