Christine Roos

Christine Roos

Technology & Fitness for the next GEN work out – THE TRIP

Think you know spinning? Think again – The Trip will set your cycling legs on fire and you won't even notice.

I like to think I’m reasonably fit, especially when it comes to cycling. I’ve done the Dubai92 four times and I usually average 100-150km a week out on the track. I’ve done the cycle section of a full Ironman (180km in one go). But in the height of summer, who can stomach a long cycle in the sun?

Enter The Trip. This immersive 40-minute workout will not only leave you flooded with feel-good endorphins, it will also seem like you’re cycling in a beautiful tropical location. There are actully 14 different digitally created worlds to choose from. Plus, you don’t have to have Tour de France legs to take the class, as all fitness levels are welcome. And with no intimidating leaderboard, the only stats you have to worry about are your own.

The huge, state-of-the-art curved screen at the front of the class shows the track you’re following. Unlike a usual spinning class, the instructure is more of a guide – they’re riding along with you as you follow the virtual on-screen track, with the pumping soundtrack keeping you in The Zone. The graphics are so detailed as you take on the climbs and plateaus that you’ll almost feel the wind in your hair – the bike even feels like it tilts as you turn! This is a VR experience like no other. And while you can certainly take it easier as you build up your fitness, going full throttle will leave your muscles aching for more. The only question is, which track will you follow today?

Classes from AED90.