Christine Roos

Christine Roos

The No-Sweatpants Guide To Travelling in Style

Forget the sisterhood of the travelling pants – you need more than one pair to journey in style.

Roll up those jeans and tuck them deep into your bag because the days of tight pants pinching into your waist on the plane are over.

1. Silky green joggers

Comfortable drawstring, check. Cinched ankle that doesn’t ride up, check. Colourful details so you don’t blend into the rest of the airport crowd? Double check!

Wear with: Comfy slip-on shoes and a cherry red T-shirt

Washed Silk Pant – Moss Green

aed 849 Juicy Couture

Slip on Shoes ON SALE

aed 185.97 Toms
aed266 30

Slogan T-Shirt ON SALE

aed 40 Jacqueline De Yong
aed45 11

2. Cropped chinos

For a weekend getaway, you need to pack sensibly – a cropped pair of chinos will take you from the plane to sightseeing in no time.

Wear with: An easy, breezy linen top, white mules and a soft scarf

High Rise Wide-Leg Crop Chinos

aed 299 Gap

Boyfriend Stripe Popover Tunic in Linen

aed 249 Gap

Faith white leather slip on mules

aed 292.23 Office

Muted Pastel Hand Woven 100% Cashmere Ring Shawl

aed 742.49 Black Wear Little Luxury

3. Black leggings

No, not your old gym standbys – we’re talking about a slick pair of comfortable black leggings with just a hint of attitude.

Wear with: An oversized white sweatshirt, slip-on sneakers, and a cap

Black NSW ANML Leggings

aed 149 Nike

Logo Tape Sweatshirt ON SALE

aed 209.37 Calvin Klein Jeans
aed415 50

Becca Slip On

aed 139 Ginger

Baseball Hat

aed 79 Gap

4. Slouchy pink pants

The soft fabric and pleated design make this pair super forgiving for those uncomfortably long journeys.

Wear with: A white T-shirt, denim shirt and white sneakers

Journey Pink Pleat Trousers

aed 350.23 WTR Boutique

Women’s Basic Logo Tee

aed 312.22 Commes Des Garcons

Denim Button Down Shirt

aed 170 Miss Selfridge


aed 425 Adidas Originals

5. Pyjama suit

Who said you can’t cruise around the world in your PJs? Pyjama suits with graphic floral prints are still a strong trend – not to mention super comfy.

Wear with: White sneakers and rock-star oversized sunnies

Printed Contrast Piping Pyjama Pants ON SALE

aed 69 Ginger
aed125 45

White With Black Suedette Classic Sneakers

aed 119 Ginger

Visor Sunglasses with Gold Trim in Black

aed 85.01 River Island