Dmitri Ruwan

Dmitri Ruwan

9-to-5 Style for Him

From tackling the midweek blues to the last day of work, these looks will keep you dressed for success.

Office style doesn’t have to be boring and you shouldn’t still be wearing the same pair of chinos from 2010! Give your work wardrobe a makeover with our fresh picks.

LOOK 1: Start of the week

A start-of-the-week ensemble should be optimistic, energetic and professional. Think traditionalism with a contemporary flair. You need quality basics such as a crisp white shirt and a suit jacket with a dash of contemporary appeal. Think Tom Ford on the regular, with the attitude to match.

LOOK 2: Mid-week blues

It’s natural to start feeling like the workweek couldn’t possibly get any longer. But that’s no excuse to dress drab. Instead, try a little reverse psychology in the form of subtle patterns in suiting that is sure to elevate your mood and keep you on top of your game.

LOOK 3: Hello, Weekend!

The final workday leading into a relaxed night at home or an outing with friends is one to be celebrated with the right amount of professionalism and devil-may-care attitude. While most will tell you to play it casual or dress down, we say step it up! After all, the day may end with impromptu dinner plans, meetings or other social engagements. So, be prepared by looking your best.

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