Nick Watkins

Nick Watkins

Beckham or McGregor? Choose Your Watch Style Icon

Looking for the style and edge of David Beckham or Conor McGregor? Try their fashionable watch choices on for size – without needing their wallets.

Looking for some iconic watch inspiration before making a purchase? You’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to get the legendary watch styles of sportsmen and style icons Conor McGregor and David Beckham on a budget.

Bold like McGregor

Daring fashion choices have seen MMA champion Conor McGregor grace the cover of endless men’s publications. His signature watch style – most commonly a Rolex – has a significantly larger casing and coloured dial and is often rose gold. Look to Michael Kors’s all-gold version for a similar effect.

Men’s Runaway Rose Gold Tone Watch MK8096

aed 1295 Michael Kors

Dapper like Beckham

David Beckham’s style status is legendary, and so is his fascination with detailed timepieces. His usual go-to styles include colour-contrasting straps from brands like Tudor and Patek Philippe. But in case you don’t have a spare £200 000 laying around, opt for Angela Bos’s dapper style instead.

Angela Bos Simple Man Automatic Mechanical Wristwatch

aed 416.41 Angela Bos

Bright like McGregor

Coloured watch faces are another commendable style choice in McGregor’s fashion book. Most notably: his Everose Gold Rolex Day-Date. Opt for Kinyued’s automatic waterproof version in ocean blue for a pep in your step.

Automatic Business Date Waterproof Watch

aed 209.33 Kinyued

Subtle like Beckham

Beckham opts for less flashier styles, with designs that are always well-proportioned and sit elegantly on the wrist. Attain similar sartorial finesse with Emporio Armani’s smartwatch.

ART7000 Emporio Armani

aed 124.89 Emporio Armani

The best of both worlds

If you want to straddle both stylish worlds, wear a watch that is neither loud nor simple, just classic with a kick. The right watch style complements you, and your lifestyle. Xandr Axel’s formal mesh strap version is a perfect example.

Formal Mesh Strap Watch