Christine Roos

Christine Roos

Survive the Summer in these 5 Breathable Work Staples

Don’t sweat it – these five staples will keep you looking cool, calm and professional.

There’s nothing worse than showing up at work in a sweaty shirt or suit jacket. To help you avoid this unfortunate (but rather common) occurrence, we’ve put together five things you need to stay cool in the workplace this summer.

1. Breathable Cotton Shirts

It’s important to invest in shirts in the correct textiles for the summer heat. Opt for ones in breathable cotton or linen blends to keep you cool throughout the workday. Try to avoid polyester blends, which trap sweat and are uncomfortable in the heat – not to mention giving you a bit of a whiff.

Button Down Oxford Shirt

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2. Linen Suits

A 100% wool suit may look immaculate during winter but if you done one to work during summer, you’re looking at an instant demotion. Linen suits, however, will have the opposite effect, and provide cooling breathability by regulating both external and internal heat.

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3. Polo Shirts

Most modern workplaces allow for casual or less-formal attire at least once a week. While the temptation to wear just about anything is rampant during summer, opt for a classic buttoned polo-shirt to keep things cool, yet elegant.

Pique Polo Slim Fit in Washed Navy

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4. Relaxed Trousers

Denim versus cotton is wholly dependent on the vibe of your workplace. The latter is certainly more appropriate for more informal work occasions. Look to Marks & Spencer’s 100% cotton trousers for unbeatable comfort with a preppy-kick.

Regular Fit Moleskin Chinos

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5. Cool Socks

Often overlooked in the search for comfortable summer workwear is the need for the right work socks. Thick socks aren’t your feet’s best friend. Instead, look for breathable cotton socks for ultimate comfort and temperature regulation.

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