Dmitri Ruwan

Dmitri Ruwan

5 Summer Shoe Styles Every Man Must Own

From logo embossed slides to leather loafers, your summer footwear is sorted.

Accessorising for summer often comes with its own set of rules, especially when your footwear is concerned. Luckily, we’ve done the hard work for you – here are five men’s footwear styles that cover all summer occasions.

1. Slides by the Beach

Logo-embossed slides are a must-have for the season. Due to their simple design and waterproof rubber texture, they are better suited for more casual occasions, such as pool parties or a day at the beach.

Logo Slides

aed 966.60 Givenchy

2. Sandals for Yachts

Sandals are often crafted in rich leathers and display design details such as buckles and ankle straps. Their effortlessly dapper aesthetic pairs smoothly with chino trousers and crisp white shirts, making them perfect for yacht parties or a weekend about town.

Suspense Buckled Slide Sandal

aed 193.45 Steve Madden

3. The Effortless Loafer

Lightweight in design and cooling to wear, the loafer is suited for both formal and semi-formal occasions. Whether you pair yours with a linen suit or cotton shorts, they exude extreme sophistication.

Leather Slip-on Loafers

aed 550 Marks & Spencer

4. The Perfect Trainers

The right trainers suit nearly all occasions. Look to a minimalist style such as Adidas’ Cosmic 2 Shoe, which is built with a performance sock-liner to ventilate your feet. It double as an everyday shoe when running errands or travelling.

Cosmic 2 Shoes

aed 300 Adidas

5. The Work Brogue

Since we’re not all employed at a savvy tech-startup that allows T-shirts and trainers, it is important to determine the right type of work shoe to wear daily. A brogue is both professional and stylish, effortlessly framing the foot with ample ventilation.

Shoes With Broguing

aed 369 Zara Collection

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