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Your Effortlessly Cool White Jeans Guide

White jeans go with everything you own – but can be notoriously tricky to pull off. Here’s how to rock the pristine look.

White jeans are to summer what Savile Row is to men’s suits – essential. However, as is the case with most fashion staples, the key to successfully pulling off the look comes down to a few simple guidelines:

1. Get the right fit

It is important to dress for your body type. If you’re someone who doesn’t skip leg day, choose a slim-fit straight-cut jean that’ll highlight your proportions without compromising on comfort. If you’re on the leaner side, opt for semi-skinny fit jeans with a cuffed ankle, which adds length to your frame while ensuring the right amount of volume.

Waxed Effect Jeans

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Slim Fit Patrick Jeans

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Asos Double Pleat Jeans In Ecru

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2. Go easy on the details

Extra zippers and padded pockets are fine for rock stars and ravers, but for a more pristine appearance, look to simplistic and functional details.

3. Don’t wear it with black

You’re not a mime. Don’t match your white jeans with a black shirt. Instead, pair them with neutral, solid colour tones like navy or light blue to exude effortlessness.

Glenn Slim Fit Denim Pants

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Skinny Fit Jeans

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4. Wear the right shoes

White jeans draw attention, and people will be looking at your feet, too. Scruffy shoes are out – think loafers, Oxfords without socks, or box-fresh sneakers.

5. Keep them spotless

And by spotless, we mean clean like a surgeon’s table. These are not your wear-six-time-before-washing jeans.

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