Camellia Bojtor

Camellia Bojtor

10 Easy Products to Help Declutter Your Home

Eat your heart out, Marie Kondo.

With the kids back at school and out from under your feet, you might want to spend some time decluttering – making sure you don’t end up with Lego foot, of course! We’ve compiled our top 10 products to help organize your home, from getting your sock drawer in order, all the way through to your fridge.

1. The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up: A Magical Story by Marie Kondo

With the Marie Kondo craze inspiring people all over the globe to declutter, grab this book before attacking your wardrobe. Trust us. Once you’ve read Kondo’s method, you’ll be supercharged to get not only your wardrobe but your life in order.

The Life-Changing Manga of Tidying Up : A Magical Story by Marie Kondo

aed 68 Kinokuniya

2. Rotating lipstick organizer

If you’re a gigantic makeup fan, you’ll love this organizer. Use interchangeably for your lipsticks and nail polish, the clear plastic rotating design makes your favourite products easily accessible.

360 Degree Rotating Lipstick Organizer

aed 202.02 Etsy

3. Ikea Trofast storage combination

This bright yellow storage solution is perfect for your kids’ room. Use the drawers to organize their collection of building blocks, which you can then colour coordinate and label.

Storage combination with boxes, white, yellow, 99x44x56 cm

aed 315 Ikea

4. Glasslock 4-piece glass food containers

Known for its durability and quality design, this set of four glass food storage containers will ensure you can keep your leftovers safely and neatly in the fridge.

4-Piece Glass Food Storage Gift Set 490/400 ml ON SALE

aed 83 Glasslock
aed87 5

5. ODesign kitchen sink caddy organizer

Keep your kitchen sink in order with this stainless steel organizer. With room for sponges, scrubbers, a dishcloth and washing-up liquid, it will keep your kitchen from sinking into chaos. 

ODesign Kitchen Sink Caddy Organizer, stainless steel

aed 105 Ubuy

6. Ali Express bathroom drain bathtub tray

Keep all your bath goodies in one place with this storage tray. Available in white and grey, it provides room for shampoos, body washes, loofahs and more.

Bathtub Tray Retractable Plastic Racks

aed 87.78 AliExpress

7. Crafts’man remote control holder

Tired of losing your remote control in between the sofa cushions? Get a hold of this stylish organiser from Crafts’man. It holds up to five remote controls and adds a touch of high design to your home at the same time.

Crafts’man Wooden Multi Remote Control Holder

aed 128 CraftsMan

8. The Container Store hanging jewellery organizer

Not sure what to do with all your necklaces, bangles, and earrings? Tired of trying to find anything in that tiny jewellery box that’s full to the brim? This hanging jewellery organizer is the perfect solution. With its see-through pockets, it won’t be hard to find what you’re looking for and it takes up less space than a dress.

80-Pocket Canvas Hanging Jewelry Organizer

aed 91.83 The Container Store

9. Misslo over-the-door shoe organizer 

This handy multipurpose organiser can be used on the back of a door or inside your wardrobe. Use it to organise shoes or any other items – be it toiletries, accessories, clothing, or toys.

Sturdy Hanging Over the Door Shoe Organizer with 24 Large Mesh Pockets Black

aed 140 Misslo

10. Mr Label self-adhesive cable label

Save yourself hours of sorting through cables with these handy waterproof cable labels. Never unplug any device unnecessarily again! Comes in five colours.

Cable Labels – Waterproof (10 Sheets (300 Labels), 5 assorted colors)

aed 49.86 Mr-Label