Nick Watkins

Nick Watkins

10 Smart Home Devices You’ll Wonder How You Lived Without

The future is now - must-have smart home devices that won’t break the bank.

1. August Smart Lock

You don’t have to worry about losing your keys again – this voice-activated smart lock works with Alexa and your phone. It attaches to your existing lock so you can control access. You can also grant access to friends and family.

Smart Lock 3rd Gen

aed 478 August

2. Amazon Echo 2nd Generation Speaker

This was a gamechanger in the world of smart voice-controlled speakers – and the 2nd generation offers even better sound quality than the original. A must in your home.

Echo 2nd Generation Speaker With Alexa

aed 507.95 Amazon

3. Ember Ceramic Coffee Mug

You’ll never have to worry about that cup of tea going cold again with this smart mug! It keeps your drink at the perfect temperature and even alerts your smart device when it’s ready to drink.

Ceramic Coffee Mug

aed 294 Ember

4. Netgear Arlo Security System

This wireless camera works with your smart device to provide you with HD home surveillance wherever you are in the world. You’ll also get a notification when there’s movement at your front door. It’s wireless and weatherproof and includes motion detection and night vision.

Arlo Security System HD Camera

aed 410.18 Netgear

5. Puppyoo WP615 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Any technology that can help do chores is a winner. This compact little robot will vacuum your whole house on a single charge.

Puppyoo WP615 Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner 

aed 808 Puppyo

6. Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 10W Equivalent

Think Alexa but for lighting. These colour bulbs can be controlled by voice command or via the Philips app. And the best part? They last 25 000 hours, so you never have to unscrew a blown bulb again.

Philips Hue LED Smart Light Bulb Starter Kit

aed 550 Philips

7. Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat

Not only will this device set the perfect temperature in your home just by you talking to it, you can also control it with your smart device from anywhere so you can set the ideal temperature for when you get home.

Smart Thermostat

aed 863 Ecobee4

8. PetSafe Smart Feed

There’s no need to rush back to feed your darling pet when you have this smart device-enabled feeder. Now you can fill the bowl from anywhere in the world.

PetSafe Smart Feed

aed 660 Petsafe

9. Fitbit Aria 2 Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Now, we’re not saying you need scales in your home, but if you are in the market, these are the ones. They measure your weight, fat, BMI and more on your smart device.

Fitbit Aria 2 Wi Fi Smart Scale

aed 994.99 Fitbit

10. Ring Video Doorbell V2

Invest in this video doorbell and you’ll never miss a delivery again, thanks to smart phone notifications that lets you know when someone’s at your door, no matter where you are.

Ring Video Doorbell V2

aed 839 Ring

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