Tamsin Paterson

Tamsin Paterson

The Ultimate Pre-Party Grooming Guide

Guys, step out looking suave this party season with our top pre-party grooming products

Party season is just around the corner, so guys, it’s time to invest in your grooming products. Step out looking suave as we share our ultimate pre-party grooming routine perfect for the modern man.

1. The Scrub

Sukin For Men Facial Scrub

Scrub up well with this all-natural skin buffer. Bamboo powder and ground walnut shells gently slough away dry, dead skin while sesame and jojoba oils moisture and soften, ensuring your skin looks healthy and refreshed, all night long.

For Men Facial Scrub

aed 44.10 Sukin

2. The Shave Cream

Marram Co Night Out Shaving Cream

As its name suggests, this shave cream is perfect pre-party or night on the town. Its refreshing formula is enriched with organic essential oils, juniper, black pepper and blood orange to boost collagen production and cell renewal to leave you looking and feeling invigorated.

Night Out Shaving Cream

aed 78.78 Marram Co

3. The Mask

Starskin Leading Man Hydrating Bio-Cellulose Second Skin Face Mask

This easy-to-use sheet mask works in just 20 minutes to transform skin from dull to dreamy. Drenched with powerful ingredients (a full bottle of serum in each mask!) there’s rejuvenating ginseng, wrinkle-reducing adenosine and redness-soothing beta-glucan to keep you fresh-faced and party ready.

Leading Man Coconut Bio Cellulose Hydrating Face

aed 53 Starskin

4. The Beard Oil

Babel Alchemy Cool Mint Beard Oil

Keep your cool with this minty fresh beard oil. Its skin-softening blend of natural oils (sweet almond, avocado, grapeseed and jojoba to name a few) nourishes your beard and controls rogue hairs, while the invigorating scent helps boost energy levels, improve mental focus and relieve tension.

Cool Mint Beard Oil

aed 105 Babel Alchemy

5. The Self-Tan

James Read For Men Hydra Tan Mist

The ultimate bronzing boost for boys, this mighty mist hydrates skin and cools the complexion while delivering a hint of man tan. Working with your skin tone to ensure natural-looking results, it uses Tantone Technology to control colour intensity with a gradual tanning effect.

Hydra Tan Mist For Men

aed 98.56 James Read

6. The Eye Cream

Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer

No one wants puffy eyes at a party, which is why this super stick is a must. It glides on easily to instantly cool and soothe the eye area, while caffeine extracts stimulate and instantly de-puff peepers. You’ll look wide awake in no time.

Facial Fuel Eye De Puffer

aed 120.75 Kiehl’s