Dmitri Ruwan

Dmitri Ruwan

A Man’s Guide to Manicures

Put the “man” in manicure with our guide to everything you need to know to have well-groomed hands.

It is a universally accepted truth that a well-groomed man is a sophisticated one. Our hands (much like our faces) are the primary bearers of this impression. So how do you ensure you have the touch of a winner? Read on…

1. Find The Right Groomers

Look to an establishment that understands your needs and uses dermatologically approved products. The expert nailcare technicians at 1847 Executive Grooming for Men in Mirdiff, CityWalk, Emirates Towers Boulevard and Grosvernor House Hotel offer first-class, tailor-made treatments fit for royalty.

Our Pick: 1847 For Men 

2. Have a Routine

No time for constant salon visits? Invest in a simple but efficient manicure-set and trim your nails regularly after a hot shower. The heat of the water softens your cuticles and nails, making for a trimmer cut.

12 Piece Manicure Set with Leather Case Silver

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3. Don’t Scoff at Hand Cream

A good hand cream ensures your skin is more appealing to the touch. Try L’occitane’s cooling gel, enriched with tapioca powder (post-nail trim) for sweat-free and scented hands.

Verbena Cooling HandCream Gel

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4. Treat Yourself

Try new treatments. Urban Men’s Lounge is an award-winning establishment offering innovative, client-specific manicures with a holistic approach to grooming. All while you lull away to custom music via wireless earphones.

Our Pick: Urban Male Lounge

5. Take Your Vitamins

Meeting your dietary requirements is essential to overall health. Natural multivitamins formulated to provide your skin, hair and nails with essential nutrients go a long way towards perfecting your physical appearance.

Hair, Skin And Nails For Men

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