Danae Mercer

Danae Mercer

No Socks, No Problem: How to Wear Summer’s Coolest Trend

We’re seeing men’s ankles everywhere. So how can you rock the look? Dubai blogger Ali Muhammad, aka ‘The Suit Guy’, reveals how.

Men, it’s time to show a little skin – ankle skin, that is. The so-called “mankle” trend involves wearing shoes without visible socks to flash a bit of oh-so-daring ankle. Of course, this doesn’t mean no socks – nobody wants to smell that. Invest in quality secret socks and remember, they should stay just that – a secret. “If you want to make a statement, go ahead with the sockless look,” says Ali Muhammad, a Dubai blogger and avid mankle fan. He shares how to get it right.

Get the look:

Offset the formality of a tailored suit, waistcoat, tie, and pocket square with mankles for a style-setting look.

Shoes are key

Skip the laces. If your shoe has strings, it needs socks. Ali recommends loafers, a monk shoe, or a moccasin. Comfort is critical and fit key to avoid blisters. Brown tasseled loafers are classic enough to be worn with jeans, chinos or slacks.

Tailor your trousers

“Pants have to be altered to hit your ankles in order to flatter the sockless look,” says Ali. Skinny jeans and chinos can be rolled up. Suits require a tailor. Ali recommends Vistar in Dubai.

Dress for the occassion

Breaking rules is all part of the fun of the mankle style. But that doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for a full-on suit-and-tie wedding.

If you’re in a tuxedo, go for socks,” says Ali. Any other time, rock the mankle.

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