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The Best 90s Trends You Can Wear Today

Break out the plaid, knee socks and velvet chokers, kids – the 90s are back with a vengeance.

From the decade that gave us Friends, the Spice Girls, The Notorious B.I.G. and Nirvana come one of the season’s biggest revival trends. Yup, the 90s are back with a vengeance. While we never want to see multiple mini butterfly clips in anyone’s hair again, you can revive some of the decade’s biggest trends with a 21st century update. Sing it with us now… hit me baby, one more time!

1. Logo Sweatshirt

This street style baggy sweatshirt is the perfect jumper for an understated 90s look. The gold detailing down the side is just enough to make a statement. Wear with track pants and sneakers to complete the look.

Logo Tape Gathered Sleeve Sweatshirt

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2. Platform Sneakers

Baby Spice, eat your heart out! These rainbow striped platforms are the ultimate 90s shoes. Match with a mini-skirt and string vest.

Flatform Sneaker

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3. Flared Jeans

Where would the 90s be without the flared bell-bottom jeans? No wardrobe was complete without them. Wear this dark grey pair with chunky heels.

Dark Grey Buttoned Flared Jeans

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4. A Choker

The black felt choker was without a doubt the ultimate 90s statement accessory. This velvet one has a contemporary twist for today’s ultimate fashionista.

State Choker Box

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5. Lace-up Boots

If your inner teen spirit is crying to break out, satisfy it with these grunge-inspired ankle boots. Pair with a red plaid miniskirt for that Gwen Stefani look.

Patent Chunky Lace Up Black Boots

aed 189 Truffle Collection

6. Halter-Neck Top

This one’s for all you Scary Spice fans out there! This animal print halter-neck top, with open back and slight midriff, combines multiple 90s trends. And you can’t get a more 90s brand than Urban Outfitters.

Urban Renewal Vintage Remnants Leopard Halter Top

aed 150 Urban Outfitters

7. Crop Top

Coming from a brand co-founded by Beyoncé, it’s no surprise this crop top sparkles. Reveal your midriff in true 90s style. Match with PVC trousers if you dare!

Ivy Park Sequin Crop Top

aed 419.63 Ivy Park

8. Plaid Mini Skirt

Calling Cher Horowitz! Her iconic plaid looks from the 1995 classic Clueless will take you right back. If you don’t want to go all the way with a matching blazer, just pair it with a white tee.

Boucle Check Double Breasted Mini Skirt With Pearl Buttons

aed 195.83 Asos

9. Camo Pants

All Saints – the band that not only gave us soundtrack to The Beach with their song “Pure Shores,” they also gifted us with camouflage. Skip the cargo pants version and rather get this pair of joggers to update the look.

Camouflage Printed Joggers

aed 90 Ardene

10. Knee Socks

For the ravers among you, add a dash of colour with these knee-high socks. Couple with a mini skirt and the classic 90s bomber jacket to complete your transformation down memory lane.

Knee Length Logo Socks

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