Juju Rana

Juju Rana

Smaller, Cheaper, Better: Why your home needs an Echo 2

The second generation of Amazon’s Echo is still at the top of the smart speaker industry.

Wireless voice-activated speakers are the new wave of smart home control – they can play music, turn on lights, and even answer questions. Amazon pioneered the market in 2014 with the Amazon Echo, with Google and Apple following quick on its heels with Google Home and the HomePod. It has since given the Echo a makeover, with the Echo 2 replacing the first iteration. How does the Echo 2 stack up to its predecessor? Let’s find out.

Echo 2 is smaller and has a customisable appearance

The Echo 2 is significantly shorter than the original and comes in a choice of fabric, wood, or wooden cases, allowing you to accessorize it for your style and space.

It sounds better

The affordable price tag means you should not expect the sound quality of a more sophisticated and pricey speaker in the market. Amazon swapped its old speaker technology for Dolby processing, which promises crisp vocals and dynamic bass response courtesy of a 2.5-inch speaker that is supplemented by a tweeter. While this sounds great, some reviews have suggested that while the vocals are clear, the bass does not compete with the original Echo. It does, however, come with a 3.55 auxiliary jack that gives you the option of connecting it to a larger speaker or a surround sound device.

It can connect to other Echo devices

This new ability to connect with other Echo 2 devices means you can listen in more than one room – great for parties or when running around the house getting ready in the morning. It is also equipped with seven microphones and noise-cancelling ability to ensure it will always hear you, no matter how loud your surroundings.

If you are looking for a stylish, voice-activated device to play music, manage your smart home devices, make shopping lists and stay updated on current events, look no further than the Echo 2G.

Echo (2nd Generation) Oak

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Echo (2nd generation) Sandstone Fabric

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Amazon Echo Smart Speaker Charcoal [2nd Generation]

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