Vicki Ashlin

Makeover Monday: An Easy Summer Look

Vickie Ashlin from the Beauty Scoop gives a fellow beauty addict an easy summer look.

Here at The Big Beauty Scoop, we love nothing more than helping out our fellow beauty addicts! So when The Gaggler asked us to give a Gaggler an easy summer look, we were all over it.

Sheryl has a beautiful face, which can be enhanced even further with a simple gloss, warmer tones and a light dusting of bronzer.

Step 1:

A peachy pink lipliner was drawn ever so slightly outside the lipline to create the illusion of fullness. Gloss on top further ups the volume.

Top Tip: If you want to create a fuller lip, avoid dark, matte shades and always add a non-sticky gloss on top.

Step 2:

Peach pencil was applied to the waterline, which really opened up Sheryl’s eyes. A bright eyeshadow was applied to the inner part of the eyes to make them appear bigger.

Top Tip: Apply eyeshadow base to keep product in place.

Step 3:

Highlighter was added to the cheekbones and browbones to brighten her complexion and add a glow.

Step 4:

A light dusting of bronzer in a warmer, softer tone brings out Sheryl’s radiance and creates a youthful look.

Top Tip: Bronzers are great for creating shape and contour, but avoid using them all over the face as it will make the face appear flat.

Top makeover tips:

Use a primer before applying makeup

Use peachy tones on lips and cheeks for a youthful look

Use the correct brushes for each product


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Hollywood Contour Wand

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NYX Professional Make Up Wonder Pencil

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