Nick Watkins

Nick Watkins

5 Smart Bluetooth Trackers to Help You Find Your Keys

Never lose your keys – or wallet, or phone, or even your cat! – again with a handy Bluetooth tracker.

1. Tile Style Bluetooth Tracker Pro Series

Stick this onto your keys, wallet, backpack, suitcase, camera and find it using an app. The Tile will ring if it’s nearby or you can check the map for its last known location. These small but mighty Bluetooth trackers have an increased range of up to 60m and – bonus! – are waterproof.

Tile Style, Bluetooth Tracker Pro Series

aed 110.80 Tile

2. TrackR Pixel Bluetooth Key Finder

No need to worry about your lost valuables with this nifty gadget. Tap the app to make your TrackR pixel ring loudly so you can hear where your stuff is hiding. You can also press on the TrackR pixel to make your smartphone ring, even when it’s on silent.

Pixel Bluetooth Key Finder

aed 99 TrackR

3. Orbit Card for wallet and mobile

Peace of mind is assured with this credit card-shaped Orbit card, which fits neatly into your wallet. Connect it via Bluetooth to your smart device and it’ll make your phone ring. You can even use it as a selfie remote to take a picture on your missing phone.

Card For Wallet And Mobile Black

aed 164 Orbit

4. Chipolo Plus Smart Keyring Bluetooth Tracker

Slip this little disc into your wallet and you’ll be able to track down your valuables in no time. It’s water-resistant and has a whopping year-long battery life so you can find your valuables in an instant.

Plus Smart Keyring Bluetooth Tracker

aed 85.05 Chipolo

5. Esky Wireless RF Item Locator Item Tracker Support Remote Control

If you’re really clumsy and keep losing all your valuables, this Esky remote is the one for you. It houses four “finders” for your items, which can be tracked down through walls, doors or cushions. It lights up in the dark, too.

Esky Wireless RF Item Locator Item Tracker Support Remote Control

aed 73 Esky