Camellia Bojtor

How To Marie Kondo Your Makeup Kit With 5 Easy Hacks

Here’s how to organise your chaotic makeup kit with five quick hacks.

If you’re running out of room for your makeup and can never find what you’re looking for, it’s time to Marie Kondo your makeup kit. With a few simple tips and tricks, applying your makeup in the mornings will be fun again, instead of driving you into a panic when you can’t find that one perfect brown eye pencil. Proper and correct storage will keep everything you need at hand, as well as ensuring the appropriate hygiene and longevity. What are you waiting for? Get hacking!

HACK #1: Stash your makeup in a pretty box

First things first, if you have a problem with makeup strewn all over your desk or stuffed into a drawer, making it impossible to find anything, start with some simple organisation. Grab a couple of these boxes and sort your kit by product – one box for lipstick, one for eye shadows and so on.

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HACK #2: Use a shower shelf organiser for perfume and polish

These handy little shelf organisers are ideal for storing all those bottles of perfume and polish you have standing around. Put them up in your dressing area and fill with pretty fragrance bottles.

Floating Wooden Shelf (Wall Mounted)

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HACK #3: Fill a pretty tumbler for your makeup brushes

A gorgeous tumbler, unused kitchen jar or funky tumbler makes an ideal makeup brush holder. Fill with coffee beans and add your brushes.

Glass Toothbrush Mug

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HACK #4: Keep it all together behind your door

If your makeup collection is getting obscene and you’re in dire need of extra storage, this is a great hack. Hang this organiser on the back of your bathroom door for convenient access to all your kit. See-through pockets will help you find your goodies.

24 Pocket Shoe Bag Door Hanging Organizer Rack Wall Bag Storage Closet Holder

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HACK #5: Use a magnetic strip for tools

These self-adhesive magnetic strips are ideal for small makeup tools like tweezers, scissors, eyelash curlers and anything else that will stick.

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