Christine Roos

Christine Roos

8 Easy Tricks To Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh All Day Long

Foundation slowly making its way down your face? Prevent a makeup meltdown with our easy tips.

You spend so much time creating the perfect makeup look – the last thing you need is for it to slip and slide down your face before lunch. With the heat and humidity of the region, your face needs all the help it can get to keep your makeup looking freshly applied. Here are our 8 easy tricks for preventing a makeup meltdown:

1. Don’t apply makeup straight from the shower

Your skin is still hot and flushed after that morning shower, so wait 10 minutes for your skin to cool down a bit before you start applying your makeup.

2. Choose a lightweight sunscreen

Sunscreen goes on after moisturiser and before makeup. Choose a lightweight, mattifying sunscreen that won’t interfere with your makeup, while still protecting you from UV rays.

Our pick: Clarins UV+ SPF50 Multi-Protection Sunscreen

UV+ SPF50 Neutral Protective Day Screem 30ML

aed 230 Clarins

3. Wear the right primer for your skin

Primer creates a smooth canvas for makeup, while also helping it last longer and masking issues like oiliness. Find your perfect primer here.

4. Use powder not cream makeup

Cream makeup might be super easy to apply, but it’s also super quick to slide off. Stick to a light dusting of powder eyeshadow and blusher for a hint of colour.

Our pick: Huda Beauty Obsessions eye shadow palette

Obsessions Eye Shadow Palettes Warm Brown

aed 191.90 Huda Beauty

5. Stick to waterproof mascara

Are you a small furry animal that eats trash? No? Then don’t sport raccoon eyes. A few lashings of waterproof mascara will help prevent smudges throughout the day.

Our pick: Maybelline The Colossal Volum’ Express waterproof mascara

The Colossal Volum Express Waterproof Mascara Black ON SALE

aed 43 Maybelline New York
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6. Wear lip stain instead of lipstick

Lip stain wears more naturally on the lip, instead of sitting on top like a thick layer of lipstick just waiting to slide off.

Our pick: Yves Saint Laurent Tatouage Couture liquid matte lip stain

Tatoeage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain

aed 160 Yves Saint Laurent

7. Spritz that setting spray

Before you leave the house, spritz on setting spray to help set your makeup and prevent it from sliding off or fading away.

Our pick: Urban Decay De-Slick complexion setting spray

De-Slick Complexion Setting Spray

aed 145 Urban Decay

8. Keep blotting sheets in your handbag

Dab a blotting sheet over your T-zone throughout the day to help absorb oil and keep shine at bay. Less oil on the skin means less makeup meltdown.

Our pick: NYX Professional Makeup matte blotting paper

Makeup Matte Blotting Paper

aed 19.12 NYX

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