Christine Roos

Christine Roos

5 Insta-Inspired Halloween Looks To Create At Home

Trick or treat! You don’t need profesh makeup skills to rock a scary Halloween look.

No one does Halloween quite like supermodel Heidi Klum, who has rocked elaborate Jessica Rabbit and Shrek costumes for her annual party. For us regular folks, Halloween is probably the only time when we get to use the random colours in all our makeup palettes (what’s up with all the red and green?) to create a dazzling look. And where better to turn to for inspiration than Instagram? The platform is known for its millions of makeup tutorials and looks – even if you just want to use the makeup you already own.

You don’t have to go full purple Ursula or Wonder Woman to pull off a quirky, memorable look – just whip out your makeup bag, rummage around the bottom for those unloved shades and get painting, shading and blending! We have five easy Halloween makeup looks you can do right before you head out the door to your big party. No tricks, only treats!


Who knew eight lines could be so creepy! Simply draw spider legs over your eye and let dramatic fake lashes do the rest. A black jumpsuit is all you need to round it off.

What you need: Black eyeliner, black eyeshadow, face glitter, fake lashes

Our picks:
Bleach London Glitter Ati Berwick Street Floor
Huda Beauty classic lash
Eyeko Black Magic liquid eyeliner in black
Bell Hypoallergenic triple eyeshadow in black/beige/grey

Glitter Ati Berwick Street Floor

aed 23.90 Bleach London

Classic Lash

aed 100 Huda Beauty

Black Magic Liquid Eyeliner – Black

aed 76.48 Eyeko

Hypoallergenic Triple Eye Shadow 08 Black/Beige/Grey

aed 36.75 Bell


Winter is coming… If you don’t want to be the tenth Harley Quinn to join the party, why not try this chilly look? Pair with a flowing white gown and silver sandals and prepare to reign over the White Walkers.

What you need: Face glitter, purple eyeshadow palette, white mascara

Our picks:
Fenty Beauty Avalanche all-over metallic powder set
Nars The Multiple in Copcabana
Lemonhead LA Spacejam glitter in Lady Mercury
Cherry Blossom waterproof mascara in white/black

Avalanche All-Over Metallic Powder Set

aed 395 Fenty Beauty

The Multiple

aed 138.64 Nars

Spacejam Glitter Balm

aed 123.68 Lemonhead LA

Waterproof Eye Mascara White/Black

aed 24.95 Cherry Blossoms


Channel your inner It with a few lines of eyeliner and a sweep of red eyeshadow. Top with wild red hair and you’re ready to scare the kids!

What you need: Black eyeliner, red lip liner,red and orange eye shadow

Our picks:
Maybelline Lasting Drama Up To 24H gel eyeliner
Nars single eyeshadow in fatale
Stila Magnificent Metals eye shadow in copper
Huda Beauty lip contour in heartbreaker

Lasting Drama Up To 24H Gel Eyeliner 01 Black

aed 43 Maybelline New York

Single Eyeshadow

aed 80.87 Nars

Magnificent Metals Eye Shadow

aed 159.35 Stila

Lip Contour( 1.2g )

aed 76.11 Huda Beauty


We can’t all be Angelina Jolie, but we can all fake a ridiculous pair of cheekbones! Put your contouring skills on show with a Maleficent-inspired look. Simply shade in cheekbones using black or grey eyeshadow and add a dramatic smoky eye and red lips. Top with homemade horns and dramatic black cape.

What you need: Red lipstick, smoky eye palette

Our picks:
Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipstick in American Doll
Yves Saint Laurent couture eye shadow palette (shade 01)
EcoTools Daily Defined eye kit

Liquid Lipstick( 3.2g )

aed 95.14 Anastasia Beverly Hills

Couture Eye Shadow Palette

aed 211.68 Yves Saint Laurent

Daily Defined Eye Kit

aed 42.97 Ecotools


If you can’t be bothered to go full Halloween, but still want to look like you’ve put in a bit of effort, this faded half-skull will do the trick. Simply blend in white and grey shadow over half your face with shadow skull lines and finish with a classic cat eye and red lip combo. Two looks in one!

What you need: White and black eyeshadow, red lipstick

Our picks:
Nudestix Magnetic Luminous eye colour in night
Smashbox Cover Shot eye palette in prism
Illamasqua limited edition antimatter lipstick in midnight

Magnetic Luminous Eye Colour

aed 115 Nudestix

Cover Shot Eye Palettes

aed 175 Smashbox

Limited Edition Antimatter Lipstick – Midnight

aed 47.80 Illamasqua

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