Mila Mandic

Mila Mandic

4 Quick Celeb-Approved Tricks to Hide Tired-Looking Skin

Is your skin looking dull, tired and stressed? Help is at hand.

Despite having super busy schedules, jet-setting around the world, and getting altogether very little sleep, how do celebrities always manage to look fresh for the camera? While here at The Gaggler we don’t profess to have all the answers, we certainly do have a bunch of handy tips and tricks on how to always look fresh and well-rested with just a few simple beauty and makeup tricks. So, whether your skin is feeling a little tired or dehydrated from lots of travel, stress or very little sleep, we’ll let you in our beauty secrets so that no one knows the better.


Rule number one is to ensure that your skin is amply hydrated. Besides ensuring that you drink plenty of water (remember to consume at least two litres a day, and more if you are flying), beauty products that quench your skin’s thirst and protect it from environmental stressors will do wonders to keep you looking fresh. A good moisturiser is ideal for harsh weather – from extreme hot to cold – and particularly if you are flying a lot. Products that you can keep in your handbag for a quick refresh can also act as rescue remedies, while a facial spray can perk you up in an instant.

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It is with good reason that they say the eyes are the window to the soul. If you’ve fallen under the weather recently or simply haven’t been getting enough rest, your eyes will be the first to give it away. With some carefully applied makeup, however, those big dark circles and puffy red eyes will be no more! Start with a good concealer applied under your eyes in an upside-down triangle shape. To widen and brighten the eyes, apply white eyeliner to the lower inner lash line. Add a touch of highlighter or shimmery white eye shadow to the inside corners of the eyes and hey, presto! You look as good as new.

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Focusing on the lips is a great way to draw attention away from the eyes, where your tiredness is most likely to show. The brighter the hue, the better!   

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Applying blush or bronzer is another great way to draw attention away from the eyes, as well as adding colour to your cheeks, which are likely to be looking drab and dreary if your skin is on the tired side. Try opting for products that promise to moisturise to ensure they don’t leave your skin looking dehydrated. Cream blush is ideal.

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