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The 3 step skincare routine for healthier skin

Active plant botanicals and pure Himalayan Spring Water. The no fuss skin care routine from Herbal Essentials that will renew, soothe and balance your skin in 3 easy steps.

Our skin is the largest organ of the body, it works 24/7 to protect us from the environment, but many of us tend to neglect it. Leaving it susceptible to early signs of ageing and damage.

Try Herbal Essentials Foaming Face Wash to gently and effectively cleanse away any traces of make-up and impurities. Follow with a swipe of the Refreshing Toner to soothe, hydrate and prep skin for moisturising. During the day, the Day Defense Cream is super lightweight yet incredibly nourishing while the Firming Eye Gel will pep up tired peepers – making both the ideal base for your make-up.

The evenings need a little extra care so try Herbal Essentials AHA Night Cream. This multi-tasking cream contains a cocktail of powerful ingredients to exfoliate, soothe and protect so slather it on and slumber away while it does the work for you.

All of Herbal Essentials products are blended with active plant botanicals and pure Himalayan Spring Water. This unique water contains a combination of the mineral’s calcium, magnesium and potassium to help skin renewal, soothe and calm irritation, and regulate the balance of water in the skin.

After all, there is beauty in simplicity.

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A good simple skincare routine is easy to follow… think cleanse, tone and hydrate.

Step 1: Cleanse

Foaming Face Wash with Ginger & White Lily extracts

This soap-free face wash is suitable for all skin types. Containing a blend of botanical extracts to effectively remove make-up and the build-up of impurities on your skin, leaving it feeling fresh and beautifully clean. The natural cleansing power of White Lily together with the invigorating properties of Ginger helps to give the skin a clean and radiant look.

Foaming Face Wash With Ginger And White Lily Extracts

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Step 2: Tone

Refreshing Toner with Cucumber extract & Rose Water

This beautifully refreshing toner revitalises and provides long lasting hydration to your skin, making it the perfect base for your moisturiser. Containing powerful Rosa Damascena Flower Water which has excellent natural emollient properties to help moisturise dry skin. This, together with cucumber extract, known to calm the skin, delivers a toner which soothes and conditions to provide long lasting moisturisation for all skin types.

Refreshing Toner With Cucumber extract And Rose Water

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Step 3: Hydrate

Day Defence Cream with Wheat Germ Oil & Shea Butter

Suitable for all skin types and packed with natural nourishing ingredients this lightweight cream melts into the skin for an immediate boost of hydration. Rich in Wheat Germ Oil, Shea Butter and Sweet Almond Oil, natures powerful nourishing and soothing agents. These natural ingredients are high in essential minerals and vitamins, to enrich the skin and help soothe and moisturise for a healthy, youthful look.

Day Defence Cream With Wheat Germ Oil And Shea Butter

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Firming Eye Gel with Sodium Hyaluronate & Aloe Vera

Suitable for all skin types our firming eye gel instantly hydrates upon application. It awakens the delicate eye area making it the perfect pep up for your peepers! Sodium Hyaluronate, from the Hyaluronic Acid family, has an incredible ability to hold onto water boosting hydration to the skin cells. While natures favourite, Aloe Vera, helps to soothe and moisturise the skin.

Firming Eye Gel with Sodium Hyaluronate And Aloe Vera

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AHA Night Cream with Sugar Maple & Bilberry extracts

Suitable for all skin types this multi-tasking night cream contains a cocktail of powerful ingredients. Natural alpha hydroxyl acid, Sugar Maple, gently exfoliates lifting away lifeless cells to reveal a fresher skin. Sweet Almond Oil easily penetrates deep into the skin to sooth after its natural exfoliation. While Bilberry and Grapeseed Oil deliver natural antioxidant power, to help protect the skin against daily aggressors.

AHA Night Cream With Sugar Maple And Bilberry extracts

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Gaggler readers get a 20% discount off any product when they buy online using the code Gaggler20.