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Your Complete Back-To-School Checklist

From stationery to backpacks and lunch bags and more – we’ve found everything your little one will need to be ready for back-to-school season.

After a long summer break, it is natural for young ones to resist school, studies and waking up early. But the smell of new books, fancy backpacks and pretty stationery can help get them back in the mood. Here’s our checklist for back-to-school goodies so you don’t miss a thing.

BACK IT UP: The Backpack

Get them ready for school with this dark blue school bag. Big enough to hold all the necessities and small enough to carry around on their little shoulders, this classic design will appeal to both boys and girls and last them through elementary school.

Fashion Kids School Bag With Pencil Case Hazel ON SALE

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IN THE FOLD: Folders

Ted Baker’s stylish A4 envelope wallet will keep all their loose notes and circulars in one place. It will definitely be one of your daughter’s favourites throughout secondary school and beyond – and when she’s done, you can repurpose it for yourself!

A4 Envelope Wallet

aed 84 Ted Baker

TAKE NOTE: Notebooks

A playful notebook design will make classes a little more fun to attend. For little boys, a space-themed notebook will fire up their imagination, while girls will love unicorns and rainbows.

A5 Lined Exercise Book Black

aed 4.99 Smily Kiddos

A5 Lined Notebook Purple

aed 10.97 Smily Kiddos

STICK ‘EM UP: Sticky Notes

Marking important points, categorizing chapters or organizing their notes can now be easier and fun with Ohh Deer’s funky sticky notes.

It’s Hammertime! Sticky Notes

aed 23.10 Ohh Deer


The secret to success in any classroom or in life is a well-planned guidance system. Help your kids break down the chapters and notes into digestible bits throughout the semester and let them plan their studies at the beginning of the week with this spiral study planner.

B5 Spiral Study Planner Less Is More – Yellow

aed 94.50 kikki.K

EAT UP: The Lunchbox

All study and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Double the fun during break time with yummy food and colourful lunch boxes. Both the designs include four compartments to separate healthy foods and snacks.

4 Compartment Lunchbox Spaceship – Blue

aed 142.80 Citron Bento

4 Compartment Lunchbox Unicorn Printed – Pink

aed 142.80 Citron Bento

KEEP IT TOGETHER: The Pencil Pouch

These compact cases for girls and boys are the perfect size to keep all their pens, pencils, colours and erasers together.

Pencil Pouch – Blue

aed 31.92 Smily Kiddos

Pencil Pouch – Pink

aed 31.92 Smily Kiddos

WRITE STUFF: Stationery Sets

Whether your little bundle of joy is going to kindergarten, elementary school or higher, these sets will help fulfill their math, art and general stationery needs.

Math Set + Blackpeps HB 2 Pencils

aed 29.40 Maped

Noris Pencil + Colored Pencils + Wax Crayons

aed 40.43 Staedtler

Color Pencils + Fibre-tip Pens + Wax Crayons + Pencil Set ON SALE

aed 69.93 Staedtler
aed78 10

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