Danae Mercer

Danae Mercer

5 Fresh Valentine’s Day Looks

Whether you’re happily coupled or rocking the solo life, celebrate Valentine’s Day in style with these creative outfits – with not a single LBD in sight.

LOOK 1: Hopelessly romantic

If you’re dreaming of Parisian baguettes and long walks on the Seine as the sun drops, this is the look for you. Add a playful twist on the girly vibes with extra tulle in the skirt and punk-inspired details on the shoes. The trick here is to mix soft with hard touches to keep the look fresh.

LOOK 2: 80’s chic

Step back to the 80s with this vintage-inspired Valentine’s Day look. Add in a classic statement T-shirt, high-waisted jeans and a pretty pair of too-cool-for-school heels. Coke-bottle glasses and big hair keep thi

LOOK 3: Festival fancy

If your heart pounds to the beat of drums and you like your beaus in bands, this is the style for you. Throw on a denim skirt with a fabulous ruffled bodysuit and good-for-walking boots. A jumper is perfect for when the temperatures drop.

LOOK 4: Glam to the max

Sometimes all you want is a pretty dress, pretty shoes and plenty of pretty food – is that too much to ask? Play with a little sequined dress by adding plenty of sequins, sparkles and all the glitter your heart could desire.

LOOK 5: Sweater weather

Whether you’ve got the crush of the century or are heading out with the girls, this look will keep your shoulders cold but your heart warm. Mix the cosy jumper with a clean skirt and simple heels to give the whole thing an effortless Valentine’s Day elegance.