Camellia Bojtor

Camellia Bojtor

The Top Choker Trends – Without a Black Ribbon in Sight

The Nineties trend is still going strong, with chokers a firm favourite. Here’s how to wear the top three choker trends.

Popularised during the Victorian era, the choker has gone on to be a well-worn women’s accessory throughout the ages. In the 1920s, beaded chokers were the go-to, while in the 1940s, a dog-collar style was adopted. After making a comeback in the 1980s, chokers reached their style pinnacle in the Nineties, with celebrity fans including Naomi Campbell, Posh Spice and Gwen Stefani. And now they’re back!

Here’s a selection of our favourite choker trends and the pieces you just have to have now.

STYLE 1: Heavy rope-style chokers

For a glamorous or dramatic look, choose a heavier, rope-style choker as a true statement piece.

Wear with: Dark colours and plunging necklines – like a black collared shirt open just that one button extra.

Ethnic statement necklace by Christa Beads Jewelry

Ethnic Bead Choker

aed 179.99 Etsy

Gothic magnetic choker by Tushuo

Snake Magnetic Choker Necklace

aed 86.68 Tushuo

Yacht Club X wide choker by Fallon

Yacht Club X Wide Choker

aed 493.99 Fallon

STYLE 2: Delicate gold chokers

Nothing says class like a peek of gold at your neckline. If you’re over long chains, slip on a delicate gold choker to give your outfit polish.

Wear with: A simple, flowing dress, or a white shirt dress

Rhinestone retro design choker by Kensie

Women’s Rhinestone Retro Design Choker

aed 181.79 Kensie

Chain choker by Coup de Coeur

Wrap Chain Choker

aed 453.06 Coup De Coeur

Raise the Bar collar by Kate Spade

Raise the Bar Collar Necklace, 13″

aed 742.97 Kate Spade New York

STYLE 3: Avant garde chokers

For a more artistic and modern look, push the boundaries and go all out with a quirky avant garde choker.

Wear with: An off-the-shoulder top or dress for maximum effect.

African choker by Liffly

Liffly African Choker Necklace (Gold and leather)

aed 35.30 Liffly

Golden chain link and silver flower choker by Catyarnloft

Golden chain link and silver flower choker ON SALE

aed 79.34 Catyarnloft
aed99.18 20

Twisted bib necklace

Acrylic Rhinestone Women’s Choker Necklace ON SALE

aed 41.65 Light In the Box
aed64.81 36

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