Janvi Thanki

3 Carry-All Totes For The New Season

We’re tote-ally in love with these carry-all heroes.

Every modern woman needs a tote – that catch-all bag that provides ample space for all your necessities. From boxy outlines to slouchy totes, here are our favourite picks for the new season.

1. Urban Outfitters UO Yellow Suede Tote Bag

An everyday carry-on with a pop of colour and suede finishing. The best bit? It will only get better with age.

Suede Tote Bag

aed 226.60 Urban Outfitters

2. Urban Outfitters Doughnut Daily Tote Bag

This one answers all the water spill problems with its water-resistant inner construction. It also has an inner laptop sleeve and water bottle pockets.

Doughnut Daily Tote Bag ON SALE

aed 243.08 Urban Outfitters
aed350.19 31

3. Missy Applique Detail Tote Bag

What do you get when you add playful design, charming appeal and easy on the wallet? The perfect fun tote bag, of course!

Missy Applique Detail Tote Bag ON SALE

aed 95 ShoeMart
aed119 20

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Photo by Alex Holyoake on Unsplash