Christine Roos

Christine Roos

The 3 Coolest Jewellery Trends for Summer

Just because you’re travelling, doesn’t mean your accessory game shouldn’t be on-point.

Dress, check.
Swimwear, check.
Espadrilles, check.

Now all that your summer holiday needs is a touch of bling. This is the time for fun, so break out all those trends you’re wary of wearing to the office and rock them on holiday with a strappy sundress and sun-kissed skin.

Here are some handy tips for packing: thread necklaces through straws to prevent them from tangling, and use a contact lens case for small earrings. Done!

1. Shells

Yes, believe it… one of the biggest summer jewellery trends straight off the runway is the humble shell. Whether they’re dangling from your ear or ankle, nothing says summer lovin’ like shell motifs.

Spiral Shell Bracelet Gold

aed 227.96 Latelita

Turquoise & Cowrie Shell Layered Necklace

aed 418.70 Vintouch Italy

Gold Tone Puka Shell Open Cuff Bracelet ON SALE

aed 205.70 Rosantica
aed408 50

SSENSE Exclusive Silver Shell Safety Pin Earring ON SALE

aed 712.59 Ambush
aed868 18

Pack of 2 Anklets with Faux Shell and Freshwater Pearls and Hardware Chain in Gold Tone ON SALE

aed 23.91 Asos Design
aed32 26

2. Ear cuffs

Wear just one for a hint of cool, or both for a double whammy – either way, ear cuffs are the quickest way to kick your look up a gear.

Galierien Linear Earrings – Rose Gold

aed 99 Aldo

Moon Ear Cuff

aed 264.99 MvmT

Moonlight Grapes earring

aed 789.66 Georg Jensen

10K Yellow Gold Rainbow Ear Cuff

aed 1150 Wilhelmina Garcia

Sterling Silver with Gold Plate Ear Crawler with Pink Crystal Stone

aed 42.51 Asos Design

3. Hoops

The eternal summer classic is back – and more outrageous than ever. Wear your hoops with easy summer dresses, salty beach hair and a knowing smile.

Star Pattern Hoops Earrings – Gold

aed 19 R&B

Ulerran Push Back Closure Earrings – Brown 23310705-ULERRAN

aed 59 Aldo

Serendipity Medium Color Pop Hoop Earring

aed 279.14 Maria Black

Cutmere Hoop Earrings

aed 35 Call It Spring

Large Gold Hoop Earrings

aed 77.94 Urban Outfitters