Gaggler Relaxation Meditation Kit

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The Gaggler Relaxation Meditation Kit includes all that you need to help you unwind, de-stress, and add calm to your life. Get ready to embark on a mindful journey of relaxation.

Each Relaxation Mediation Kit includes:

4 meditations providing one full hour of relaxation goodness:

  • A 10-minute Relaxing Breathing Technique guided meditation to help you relax and center yourself.
  • A 15-minute Progressive Muscle Relaxation guided meditation to relieve physical and emotional tension, improve mood, and sleep.
  • A 25-minute Relaxing Visualization guided meditation to relax deeply, help cope with stress or fear, and feel more at peace.
  • A 10-minute Relaxing Musical track for self-guided meditation and general relaxation during the day or before bedtime.

The Gaggler’s Guide To Meditation E-book to help prepare you before you embark on your meditation journey

The Gaggler’s Relaxation Meditation Journal to self-reflect on powerful journaling prompts, identify achievable goals, and promote a regular meditation habit.

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