Christine Roos

How to Get the Perfect Shave – With 5 Simple Products

Gentlemen, it’s time to be a smooth operator.

You’re going to spend an inordinate amount of your life standing in front of a mirror shaving your face – you might as well use the best products out there. Here are your quick picks:

1. Scrub your skin clean with warm water and…

Barbiere Pumice Face Scrub 75ml

aed 137.42 Acqua Di Parma

2. Then get oiled up to prep the skin with…

Cade Shaving Oil

aed 125 L’occitane

3. Lather up the shaving cream in an upward motion…

Super Close Shave Formula (240ml)

aed 95.60 Baxter of California

4. Then shave in the direction of the hair growth using…

Silver Chrome Metal Traditional Safety Razor

aed 140 Muhle

5. Before rinsing with cool water and applying a soothing after-shave balm

Postshave Rescue 70ml

aed 1128.26 Espa

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Photo by Patrick Coddou on Unsplash