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Tips and Tricks for Creating the Perfect Beachy Waves

It’s easy to create luscious beach waves with our quick tips for fine, thick or curly hair.

One hairstyle that never goes out of fashion? Beachy waves. Whether you have thick, fine, or curly hair, it couldn’t be easier to get beach babe hair sans sea. These are the styling secrets and product picks you need. Blake Lively, eat your heart out.

If you have… fine hair

Sleeping in braids is a great way to give fine hair a beachy boost. Apply volumising mousse to towel-dried hair and, when hair is about 60% dry, divide it into sections before braiding tightly. The next day, gently tease open the braids, mist a light hairspray over your locks, et voilà – beachy hair!

If you have… thick hair

When your hair is 80% dry, divide it into at least four sections and twist each section tightly. Coil each section into a knot and pin it to your head, letting it dry naturally. Once dry, gently unpin each knot, shake your hair, and mist with hairspray.

If you have… curly hair

It might sound counterproductive, but slightly straightening naturally curly locks will create that beachy effect. Twist small sections of your hair and run your straighteners down each section before letting it fall free.

Top 3 products for creating beachy waves

Sea salt spray

Salt spray gives you texture without weighing locks down. Look for a spritz that’s super lightweight while adding volume and that won’t leave you looking like a matted mess. Just spray and scrunch. Simple.

Our pick: Sachajuan Ocean Mist

Ocean Mist

aed 84 Sachajuan

Volume shampoo

A solid shampoo bar with a splash of the sea softens tangled locks and adds volume and texture thanks to its magical marine ingredients. Look for lemon oil for shine, Japanese nori seaweed to soften, and sea salt to add life to limp locks. It’s like dunking your head in the sea, but better.

Our pick: Lush Seanik Shampoo Bar

Seanik Shampoo Bar

aed 74.95 Lush

Curling tool

To create tousled waves, use one of the new-generation hair-curling tools that draws hair into a ceramic curl chamber, holds it for a few seconds, and then releases it perfectly waved. Run your fingers through the curls or brush them out to really beach them up.

Our pick: Babyliss Curl Secret

Curl Secret

aed 430 Babyliss

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