Dmitri Ruwan

Dmitri Ruwan

4 Ways to Dress Up Date Night

14 February is around the corner, guys – make sure your look is on point this year to blow your lady away.

You should always have your arsenal of date-night looks ready, but with Valentine’s Day lurking around the corner, it’s almost a survival mechanism! To ensure you look your best, we’ve put together four date-night looks that’ll be sure to impress.

LOOK 1: The after-work date

Sometimes meetings run late, or your boss hands you an additional assignment just as you’re about to leave the office. Ensure you’re prepared for your evening date by donning a smart dress shirt and dark jacket with your tapered workwear trouser and shoes from the day. Meaning, all you will have to carry to work is your shirt and jacket. For extra points, carry a signature cologne and voilà, you’re ready.

LOOK 2: The formal dinner date

For those lucky enough to have an organized date night, the rules are slightly different. The outing may require a more formal approach and therefore a little bit more attention to detail. Look to dinner jackets with character and footwear that exudes elegance. Trust us, your partner will notice. Tailored trousers and crisp cotton shirts with a pocket square will tie in the look for red carpet results.

LOOK 3: The casual get-together

Perhaps you’re one of those couples who prefer a more low-key approach to the dating scene. Still, casual shouldn’t translate to ‘given up’ so swap the sweatpants for tapered denim, and the ragged T-shirt for a plaid shirt paired with suave Chelsea boots. It’s the right amount of casual with just a hint of fashion. In case it gets chilly, a denim jacket works for both you and your date.

LOOK 4: The preppy alternative

A preppy approach to date night is great when considering a stay-at-home dinner, followed by a cinema experience or dessert at a café. Slip into classic trainers, tapered joggers, and an organic cotton shirt , before topping it off with a light suede jacket. Accessories are optional, but a good watch completes the look.

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