Tamsin Paterson

Tamsin Paterson

Around the World in 4 Beauty Rituals

Enjoy some of the best beauty treatments from around the world right here in Dubai – no passport needed.

Dubai is a melting pot – a place where you can experience different cultures without leaving the city. This is great news for beauty buffs, as you can experience some of the world’s best treatments and products with no plane ticket needed. Your global beauty journey starts here.


Meaning the “life knowledge”, Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest holistic healing systems. It’s all about personalising your diet, exercise, and treatments according to your dosha, or bodily bio-elements. These are inspired by the elements – vata (wind), pitta (fire) and kapha (earth).

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Dubai Herbal & Treatment Centre has a team of Ayurveda practitioners as well as offering Ayurvedic massages and facials. You can also try more unusual treatments like “Shirodhara”, where oil is continuously poured onto the forehead to release tension and stress, or “Kadivasty”, which uses medicated herbal oils to release ligament and muscle pain.

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Clear your chakras and unblock your body and mind with Aveda Chakra Mists. Inspired by Ayurveda, each mist represents the seven key chakras (energy points) in the body. Packed with a potent blend of essential oils, they can be sprayed whenever you need an energising boost.

Chakra Mist

aed 189 Aveda


Famed for crazy facemasks and quirky beauty buys, South Korea is the hottest beauty destination in the world right now. Not only are their beauty products more advanced than most Western brands, they also invest so much into R&D that underneath the bright and funky packaging, the products pack a seriously perfecting punch.

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One of SoKo’s biggest beauty brands, Etude House, opened its doors in The Dubai Mall a few months ago. It’s packed full of cute and kitsch products, from makeup and haircare to skincare and beauty tools, making it the next best thing to taking a trip to Seoul.


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For a true taste of SoKo beauty, it has to be a sheet mask – which is what Kocostar specialises in. It even has masks for your hair, hands and feet, leaving you looking and feeling your best from top to toe.

Slice Mask Sheet (Watermelon) – 20ml

aed 15 Kocostar


The region’s love affair with fragrance goes back thousands of years, with the tradition of burning bukhoor one of the most significant scent rituals in the region. It involves soaking wood chips in fragrance oils before burning them to release their powerful perfumes, and is used to scent homes and clothing.

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Ghawali’s scented stores are the ultimate perfume paradise. You can stock up on some of the finest ouds and oils and experience the burning ritual in the in-house bukhoor room.


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Ghawali has 14 fragrances to choose from, ranging from floral-infused bukhoors to citrusy creations and spicy scents.

Al Abiq Oud Mouattar

aed 771 Ghawali


Turkey is famed for its baths and hammam treatments, where bathers are cleansed, scrubbed, shampooed and massaged inside steam-filled chambers in a super relaxing and deep-cleansing body treatment. But you don’t have to jet-off to Istanbul to experience a heavenly hammam – you don’t even have to leave your home, either.

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Anjana Spa at Rixos The Palm offers a taste of Turkey in the heart of Dubai. The hammams here are as Turkish as they come, from the decor (complete with lanterns, marble walls, and ornate mosaics) to the traditional lute music and plates of Turkish Delight. You’ll be washed, scrubbed, and shampooed until you’re squeaky clean, all using authentic Turkish tools like the kese exfoliating mitt and foaming shampoo bag.


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For the ultimate at-home hammam, the Ritual of Hammam Purifying Collection is just the ticket. It containing everything you need to recreate a hammam experience, from deep-cleansing black soap to rhassoul clay body mud and a stimulating hot scrub. The products are infused with eucalyptus and rosemary to capture the scent of real Turkish baths.

Rituals of Hammam Collection

aed 242 Rituals

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