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5 Easy-on-the-Pocket Valentine’s Gifts for Men

Make lovers’ day even better with these practical, on-trend buys for him.

1. Babel Alchemy Cool Mint Beard Oil

If his facial fuzz would make a mountain man jealous, this fast-absorbing oil will sort it out in no time. The formula combats dryness and will leave that beard smelling like a million dirhams.

Cool Mint Beard Oil

aed 105 Babel Alchemy

2. EA7 Emporio Armani Train Prime Backpack

Aside from those deep chameleon navy vibes, the durable material on this signature Armani men’s accessory make it perfect for a straight-after-work trip to the gym.

EA7 Emporio Armani Backpack

aed 175 Emporio Armani

3. Saachi All-in-One Coffee Maker

Those to-go macchiatos can sure add up. This coffee maker can make everything from espresso to cappuccino, plus his cup will stay piping hot with a keep-warm tray while he makes another one for you.

All In One Coffee Maker

aed 282 Saachi

4. Renon RW-105 Smart Watch for Android and iOS

“Babe, have you seen my WhatsApp message?” This high-resolution smart watch will give him the low-down in a glance. He can pair it with a tablet, smartphone or computer and even enable hands-free calls.

ART7000 Emporio Armani

aed 124.89 Emporio Armani

5. Mange Tout Pamper Hamper for Him

If you can’t seem to choose a gift, how about a gift hamper? This one is filled with goodies that are bound to impress, including a Dead Sea enriching mask, white musk soap, spicy eau de toilette, melt-in-your-mouth creamy chocolate and more.

Pamper Hamper for Him

aed 288.75 Mange Tout

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