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5 Aftershave Products to Stop the Burn

Avoid the burn, bumps and irritation with our pick of top aftershave products for men.

1. Nivea Sensitive Cooling Post Shave Balm

Nivea is as reliable as they come for protecting your skin. You only need a small dollop of this balm to immediately soothe your skin after a wet shave, leaving it feeling refreshed. The balm also helps protect sensitive skin thanks to its antiseptic agent, which helps protect cuts and scratches from infection.

Sensitive Cooling Post Shave Balm

aed 20.70 Nivea

2. Perricone MD CBx for Men Soothing Post-Shave Treatment

This lotion helps treat dry skin, keeping it smooth post-shave. Its alcohol-free formula relieves dryness and keeps your face and neck hydrated, while relieving irritation. The light woody fragrance also masks a host of antioxidant benefits.

Cbx For Men Soothing Post-Shave Treatment

aed 218.21 Perricone MD

3. Babel Cinnamon Bark Beard Oil

Don’t be fooled into thinking you need a thick beard to benefit from oil – your skin will thank you for applying this whether you’re having a wet shave or just a trim. By massaging a few drops into your face and neck, you stimulate the blood flow to your skin and hair follicles to help your beard grow thick and healthy.

Cinnamon Bark Beard Oil

aed 132 Babel

4. Baxter of California After Shave Balm

This nourishing, moisturising lotion will help keep pesky ingrown hairs and razor burn at bay. The aloe vera in the formula also helps relieve sensitivity, while tea tree oil leaves skin fresh and soft.

After Shave Balm

aed 90 Baxter of California

5. Lab Series Razor Burn Relief Ultra

The last thing you need after a shave is an irritating rash breaking out over your neck and face. This lotion helps rebuild the moisture barrier damaged by shaving. It works by immediately calming the skin and reducing redness caused by shaving. Apply it using your fingertips and rub it into affected areas post-shave and you’ll see results in minutes.

Razor Burn Relief Ultra

aed 179.04 Lab Series

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