Christine Roos

Christine Roos

10 Must-Haves To Make Travelling With Kids a Breeze

Happy family memories are the best gifts you can give your child… So get packing for that dream family holiday without the stress with our 10 must-haves.

1. Wipes

For all those UFOs coming your way… those unhealthy flying objects that your kids seem to attract from everywhere. Antibacterial wipes will keep your kids clean until you can give them a proper scrub in the bath.

Nose & Face Wipes ( Pack of 30 )

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2. Changing mat

Airplane changing mats can be quite gross – just think how many baby bottoms were wiped on there before your little precious one’s! Rather take your own in your carry-on and know that your baby is comfortable and clean.

3. Snacks, snacks and more snacks

The key to travelling with kids is keeping them entertained and fed so they don’t get cranky – make sure you carry lots of healthy snacks in handy containers, and rinse-and-roll bibs to keep them clean.

4. Extra outfits

Having a quick change of clothing at hand will help keep you calm when things start going a bit chaotic! No need to stress about that spill, just whip out a clean shirt and continue with your journey.

4. Travel medical kit

You don’t need to schlep along every size plaster and pills for any kind of ailment – with a travel first-aid kit you can easily and quickly clean and cover small scrapes and cuts.

Max Medical – Travel First Aid Kit FM010 with Contents

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5. Lightweight scarf

Need a blanket? Or a block-out blind? Or quick shade? A lightweight scarf to the rescue!

Oblong Polka Dot Scarf

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6. Depressurising tools

Takeoffs and landing can be tough on little ears – make sure you have pacifiers at hand to help soothe the journey. A glow-in-the-dark one will be easy to find on a plane, too.

Glow in the Dark Pacifiers – 0-6 Months ( Pack of 2 )

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7. Baby carrier

Just because you’re travelling with your baby doesn’t mean you don’t get to see the sights of Rome! A comfortable, ergonomic baby carrier will save your back, while a leash for older kids will stop them from wandering off.

8. Kids’ sunglasses

It’s not just your eyes that need UV protection – your kids’ delicate retinas also need to be shielded from the sun. Plus, nobody has ever looked as cool as a baby rocking a pair of sunnies!

9. Travel socks

Soft, cosy travel socks or booties will keep little tootsies warm and comfy during a long flight.

Knit Booties

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10. Stroller and stroller cover

Let’s not beat around the bush here – after a day of sightseeing, even the most robust little one will want to have a nap. Make your lives easier by taking your stroller and packing it in a handy stroller cover to ensure it stays clean and protected.