How To Choose the Best Hairbrush for Your Hair Wishes

With the right tools, you can have supermodel hair every day.

Whatever your hair concerns, we have the brush for you. No more tugging and pulling – a quality hairbrush will help your hair look its best, and is worth investing in. Here are our top picks:


If you struggle with mounds of thick or curly hair that’s difficult to detangle, look for a brush with sturdy bristles made from nylon or synthetic fibers, which will run smoothly through your hair.

Haircare must-have: KeraCare Detangling Conditioning Mist and a brush for thick hair

KeraCare Detangling Conditioning Mist (240ml)

aed 36.33 Kera Care

Thick And Curly Hairbrush Salsa Red

aed 110 Tangle Teezer

Macaron Hair Brush, Mint Citron

aed 165.46 Milk + Sass

Detangler Hair Brush with Soft IntelliFlex Bristles – 2 Pieces

aed 93.14 Wet Brush


If you’re longing for salon-style hair at home, look for a round brush with a metal or ionic bar that heats up when you use a hairdryer. A round brush will help smooth your hair while giving you bounce.

Haircare must-have: Sachajuan Styling Cream and a round brush for blow drying

Hair Styling Cream

aed 142 Sachajuan

Professional Round Brush for Blow Drying

aed 94 Osensia

Hairbrush Ceramic+ion Nano Thermic ON SALE

aed 52 Olivia Garden
aed121 57

Volume Medium Magnesium Hairbrush

aed 150.39 Raincry


Now this is the best of both worlds – a brush and styling tool in one! Look for an electric hairbrush with a lightweight design that lets you choose the heat setting and has a long enough cord that you style in comfort.

Haircare must-have: ghd Heat Protect Spray and a hot air brush or hair straightener

Heat Protect Spray – 120ml

aed 65.43 GHD

Hot hair Brush Dryer and Staler for Straightening and Drying ON SALE

aed 98 One Stop
aed199 51

Ionic Hair Straightener Brush (ceramic) and Heat Resistant Glove

aed 200.44 Glamfields

Ionic Hair Straightener Brush for Frizz Free hair (ceramic)

aed 252 Coolkesi