Camellia Bojtor

Camellia Bojtor

10 Laptop Accessories You Didn’t Know You Needed

Take your working day to the next level with these 10 laptop essentials.

If you spend most of your day glued to a screen, you’ll want the best accessories to help make your working day easier. From laptop desk stands that will ease neck, back and shoulder pain, to keyboard cleaners and footstools, our pick of products will help you achieve a more efficient and ergonomic working experience.

1. Elekin laptop stand

The Elekin laptop stand is a great accessory, particularly if your job requires you to be on the move a lot. Lightweight and with a clean design, it folds up nicely to fit easily into a handbag or laptop bag. It unfolds into a stand with two adjustable height options to create a more ergonomic experience while you work. Your neck will thank you.

Elekin Laptop Stand, Aluminum Metal (White)

aed 58.73 Elekin

2. Microsoft 3600 Bluetooth mobile mouse

If you’re still relying on your built-in trackpad, it’s time for an upgrade. A Bluetooth mouse offers greater convenience and is easier on your wrist, hands and fingers. This Microsoft mouse is compact and super responsive, offering great value for money.

Microsoft 3600 Bluetooth Mobile Mouse – Red ON SALE

aed 151 Microsoft
aed148 -2

3. Fitfort Active noise cancelling headphones

Working in a noisy environment can be a challenge, but these noise-cancelling headphones are a perfect work companion. Wireless and designed for comfort, this pair comes priced at a fraction of its competitors without sacrificing on quality.

FITFORT Active Noise Cancelling Headphones – [2019 Upgraded]

aed 361 Fitfort

4. Huanuo lap desk

Need something to keep your desk organized? Look no further than this lap desk. Featuring room for your tablet and smartphone, this lap desk keeps your devices neat and tidy and comes with a built-in mouse pad and ergonomic cushion for your wrist.

Lap Desk – Fits Up To 17″ Laptop Desk, (Wood Grain)

aed 224 Huanuo

5. Mosiso laptop sleeve

When you carry your laptop around in your bag all day, you’ll need an extra layer of protection. Impress your peers as you whip out your computer from this sleek navy sleeve.

MOSISO Shock Resistant Water Repellent Neoprene Laptop Sleeve, Navy Blue

aed 134 Mosiso

6. Gradient 7 silicone keyboard skin case

Protect your keyboard and keep it clean with a silicone protective cover. This gradient version in teal is perfect for MacBook air users and adds a dash of colour to your workday.

Gradient 7 Silicone Keyboard Skin Case Cover

aed 18 Generic

7. Apple wireless keyboard

The new and improved Apple wireless keyboard is a highly responsive and compact accessory that makes typing a pleasure. Since it’s lightweight, it is ideal for those on the move.

Apple Keyboard Wireless

aed 293 Apple

8. Logitech K780 wireless multi-device keyboard

If space is of no concern and you’re not an Apple user, this Logitech wireless keyboard is a great option. Praised for its battery life, comfort level and functionality, you won’t be disappointed. 

Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard – Logitech Flow – GREY/WHITE – ENG

aed 371 Logitech

9. Euasoo 10 in 1 Thunderbolt 3 hub

If your laptop is short of ports, you’ll need an additional hub or adapter. This Euasoo hub has 10 different ports, so you’ll have no trouble connecting to HDMI or extra speakers, or reading your SD card and more.

EUASOO USB C Hub (10 in 1)

aed 347.02 Euasoo

10. Fellowes deluxe laptop cleaning kit

Keeping your laptop clean has never been so easy. This little package contains cleaning spray, wipes, and keyboard and USB cleaning tools, all packaged in one convenient pack – so no more excuses for those crumbs on your keyboard!

Fellowes FEL2202006 Deluxe Laptop Cleaning Kit

aed 39.90 Fellowes

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